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Frequently Asked Questions

Primary Kits
8. Q. What are the advantages of the SuperSeal ‘cold shrink’ cable entrance over the cable entrances of the classic 54 and 52 kits?
There are several:
1. We were able to increase both the tightness and the length of the water seal, because it is no longer necessary for the cable to be pushed through the high resistance of the cable entrance. On standard kits the tightness and the length of the seal, though adequate for water tightness, had to be limited in order to allow assembly without too much effort.
2. There is no need for extra protection by taping, or the use of ‘dimensionally unstable’ tubing (more commonly known as heat shrink), thus saving additional time and money
3. Installation is faster. Prepare the cable, crimp on the connector, push into the housing until it clicks into place, remove the stretcher, and the connector installation is finished. No taping, heat shrinking, or whatever.