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Subject: EU Council Low Voltage Directive (LVD) and the Products of Amerace

For the reasons given in the following, the airfield lighting products of Amerace are exempt from the requirements of the LVD Directive.

Low Voltage Directives
The LVD (73/23EEC) regulates the safety of some electrical equipment. It came into force in September 1974, and was amended by Directive 93/68/EC to make it consistent with other marking directives in the European Union.

Scope of the LVD
Article 1 of Directive 93/68/EEC states:

“For the purposes of this directive, ‘electrical equipment’ means any equipment designed for use with a voltage rating of between 50 and 1000V for alternating current and between 75 and 1500V for direct current, ...”

Manufacturing Organization
A Division of Thomas & Betts
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Scarborough Ontario Canada
M1V 2W3

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Harman Dhillon (Ext: 221) Manager, Technical Services

Listed in detail in the Amerace product catalog or on our web site at, and specifically consisting of the following series of products:

AGL transformers, series TAxxx, for 5000 AC volt service.
Primary connectors, for 5000 volt AC service:
• Series 54xxx
• Series 52xxx
Primary Cable assemblies series 54Mxxx, for 5000 volt AC service.
Secondary connectors, for AC service 600 volts between wires, 1500 volts to earth:
• Series 90Pxxx
• Series 90Rxxx
• Series 91Pxxx
• Series 91Rxxx
Secondary Cable assemblies series 95xxx, for AC service 600 volts between wires, 1500 volts to earth.

Where in each place xxx means other letters or numbers, not affecting the voltage rating of the device.

All products are used in airfield lighting for runway, taxiway or approach lighting.

Based on Article 1, there is no requirement for a CE mark on these products since they are all designed for use with a voltage greater than 1000 volts AC.