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FAA L823 Type II, Class B, Secondary Connector Kits
What Is a Kit?
A "kit" is a collection of parts used to make a connector
What Are Kits Used For?

Field Assembly of extension cords
Field Replacement of damaged connectors
To put a plug on a fixture lead which is difficult to mold to (e.g. high temperature wire)
What Are Their Electrical Ratings?

20 A continuous
600V between contacts, 1500 volts to earth
How Do Kits Work?
Which Type of Kit Do You Need?
Click on plug or receptacle to view more information
Plug Receptacle
Two individual wires
Two core cable
Suitable Cables: Eupen 2x2.5 mm2
Eupen 2x4 mm2
Eupen 2xAWG 12