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Swedish Connections
Plug and Receptacle

Molded on the cable for strong, watertight connections.
Every assembly is continuity checked before shipment.


Black Brown
Red White
Brown Black
White Red

Ordering information
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Catalog Number
Factory Fabricated 4-pole Cable Assembly
95 - 04M
. . .
P Plug .
R Receptacle . .
PR Plug & Receptacle . .
J Thermoplastic rubber jacketed cable, 4/14 AWG (2.1mm2) PVC insulated wires, rated 600V, 20A, 90°C .
Length in meters
Available in 1/2 meter increments to any length

A 95-04MPJ-2,0 would consist of a 4-pole plug molded on one end of a 2 metre type J cable, with nothing on the other end.

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