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Series Isolating Transformers

What Are the Electrical Characteristics of Isolating Transformers?

  • Insulation level - Amerace® transformers and primary connector kits are insulated to 5,000 volts rms. The secondary lead is insulated to 600V rms.
  • Ratios - many combinations including 6.6/6.6, 6.6/20, 20/6.6, 20/20, 12/6.6, 8.3/6.6, 6.6/4, 6.6/2.6, 13.2/6.6, etc. If you do not see the ratio you require in our selection chart, please inquire.
  • Power ratings - within the range 30W to 500W
  • Efficiency - Amerace® transformers range between 85 and 95 percent (depending upon wattage).
  • Power factor - Full load primary power factor is better than 0.97 in all cases.
  • Permissible loads - Amerace® transformers allow continuous operation with the secondary open circuited, short circuited or with the appropriate lamp load in place.
  • The current ratio is virtually constant through all regulator settings.

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